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Clinical practice is hard.

Conflicting information can leave you feeling lost.
With the endless amount of conflicting research and dogmas, clinicians are feeling frustrated and confused about how to help their patients. The CALU summit is your solution to help you gain confidence and clarity with key rehab principles including ExRx, Pain Science, and Communication.

Gain confidence in your clinical practice.

Find your path to success.
And hang out with a bunch of bad ass providers from our communities

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Let's set the stage here...


Boston Marriott Long Wharf, 296 State St, Boston, MA 02109


19th 8am-6pm
You’ve learned all there is to know about the pathoanatomical model, but the research seems to say that the biopsychosocial model is better for facilitating rehab in a holistic way.
You’ve learned that pain always has a specific and discoverable cause, but you’re hearing that pain research actually says that it’s much more complicated than that.
You didn’t learn much about exercise physiology and prescription, but you’re hearing that those are integral concepts to effective rehab.
You’ve learned that there are right and wrong ways to move, but you’re hearing that using such language can have unintended negative effects on your clients’ beliefs both now and in the future.
You didn’t learn how to develop your interpersonal communication skills, but you’re hearing that it’s imperative that you use these “soft skills” to truly listen to what your clients are telling you and to respond with sincerity, empathy and compassion.
So, how are we going to help you tackle this tangled dilemma? We are so glad you asked! Here is what is going down at the CALU Summit:
  • Guest speakers that are influential game changers in the clinical and coaching worlds will be educating on and discussing through some of the most common, yet complicated injuries we see in physical therapy. 
  • There will be emphasis on BOTH exercise prescription and psychosocial considerations for each diagnosis/presentation
  • ​Case studies will be used to create partner/group work that will force you to work through difficult conversations as well as planning treatment while still considering all that you need to through a biopsychosocial lens
  • ​This is NOT going to be like any other con-ed events- you will NOT spend the day passively receiving information. You will be an active part of the material and you will leave having gained what you put in and more!
We know exactly what it’s like to be new grads struggling to embrace a new paradigm to guide what we do as healthcare providers. We still wrestle with it now, actually.
Along the way, we’ve spent countless hours thinking critically about what we do and say, engaged in challenging conversations with peers and patients, and worked to create a pragmatic framework to apply the lessons learned.
We know that new grads crave certainty in clinical practice. Unfortunately we can’t give you that...but we can give you the means to have conviction within the uncertainty.
Will you Let us?
Come join us at the CALU Summit and we can accomplish just that, and more!

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About CALU

Coming Together

Change may begin at the individual level, but larger scale moves require the collective effort of a like-minded group of people. We are pooling our efforts and welcoming any and all open minded and motivated individuals to be a part of this movement, with the goal of becoming a tempered, but radical force in the mission to drive positive change in healthcare and set a new standard in the clinical and coaching worlds.

Community Driven:

You are not alone in feeling frustrated, confused, and eager to take steps towards a better future for your patients and clients, but not knowing where to start. We have created and will continue to cultivate a community of genuine, humble, and determined individuals that are not afraid to challenge themselves, are open to being wrong, and will not stop until they see things change for the better. It may start with individual small scale, local impact, but you’d be surprised how that can trickle outward and reach the masses. That is the ripple effect we aim for.

Evidence Informed

Evidence is our fuel. We can no longer ignore the research that highlights the ongoing chronic pain epidemic and the astronomical spending that goes into potentially preventable ailments. We cannot ignore the data that show the high utilization of low value interventions and poor long term outcomes, including reinjury rates and failed surgeries.
We are here to demand more from ourselves and others in our professions so that we can see these data trend in a positive direction in the future.

Changing the Game:

The drive to make a positive impact on the clinical and coaching worlds, and to ultimately drive large scale change in healthcare is not something we take lightly. We aim to do better as we know better, and this summit is one such way that we will practice what we preach.
We are going to provide a very different experience than a traditional continuing education course. We are going to challenge our biases and beliefs, have really difficult conversations, entertain new ideas, and set the stage for possibly doing things a bit differently once we leave this summit. We are going to work through all of this TOGETHER, and make sure that conversations do not reside in echo chambers, but rather, entertain various theories and opinions, and stimulate deep discussion. Our hope is that you look back on this event and see it as something that was truly impactful and instrumental in your development as a human and clinician/coach. Above all else, we want you to leave us feeling invigorated and motivated to lead the charge as an evangelist of positive change.
Are you in?
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret

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