With the endless amount of conflicting research and dogmas, clinicians are feeling frustrated and confused about how to help their patients. The CALU summit is your solution to help you gain confidence and clarity with key rehab principles including ExRx, Pain Science, and Communication.

Gain confidence in your clinical practice.

Find your path to success.
If you want a complete outline of the summit weekend, you can download our Event PDF below which covers everything in detail. Otherwise, read on for more details!
You will not find another event in our industry quite like the CALU Summit. Why is that? It starts with the learning environment we foster. The CALU Summit is not another passive-didactic educational event where you are lectured at all weekend. We believe in bi-directional and active learning, grounded in our values of: humility, critical thinking, and openness.

From the CALU team to our speakers, the leaders of this event role-model these values, creating a powerful learning environment that feeds off of constructive conversations, constructive challenges, and collaboration. We believe that this is the secret sauce for truly deep learning, as well as creating an extremely engaging and fun experience for everyone involved.

This three day weekend event will go deep covering three major populations across MSK rehab:
  • Endurance Rehab
  • ​ACL Rehab
  • ​Barbell Rehab
The sessions are designed intentionally to help link key principles that build over the weekend. While these populations might seem specific, the lessons learned will undoubtedly transcend into your overall treatment approach. Each population is broken up into two sessions: one focusing on Communication and Psychosocial Considerations, and the other focusing on Exercise Prescription through a BPS lens. We believe that high value MSK care is grounded in excellence in these two domains, hence the focus. While they are “seperated,” our speakers collaborate to ensure consistency and shared themes that build from session-to-session, and day-to-day, leaving attendees with key takeaways from the weekend.
Each session is designed to be informative, yet engaging, and most importantly, inspire deep critical thinking for group breakout sessions. The sessions run as follows:

  • Lecture (35’)
  •  Case Study 1 + Critical Thinking Prompts (10’)
  • ​Breakout sessions (15’)
  • ​Q&A (5-15’)
  • ​Case Study 2 + Critical Thinking Prompts (10’)
  • ​Breakout sessions (15’)
  • ​Q&A (5-15’)
SO, If you want to:
  •  Improve your confidence with communication skills, exercise knowledge, and critical thinking in MSK rehab
  • ​Improve your ability to provide high value care in MSK rehab
  • ​Connect with passionate, dedicated, and inspiring MSK providers and students
  • ​Make a positive impact on the MSK industry

Then this summit is for you.

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